Sprints drop angst-fuelled alt smash 'How Does The Story Go?'

Credit: Conor O'Beirne

Continuing to set the standard for new releases everywhere, indie-label legends Nice Swan have assisted in sharing yet another hard-hitting slice of alt-rock in the form of 'How Does The Story Go?' from Dublin quartet Sprints.

Following the band's acclaimed 'Manifesto' EP, 'How Does The Story Go?' explores the stress and anxieties which come with a career in the arts, as the band themselves explain: "Friends are emigrating, buying houses, growing older and maturing, whatever that means, and sometimes you feel stuck. It feels like the world is spinning and moving around you, and while there is nothing else I'd rather be doing than playing music with my adopted family, sometimes you can't help but feel left behind."

Flickering from hints of punk, alt-rock, garage and countless other varied influences, it's a candidly courageous smash from a band firmly on the rise – destined for raucous receptions when Sprints hit the road this autumn.