St Buryan - Torn Apart

Creatively utilising dynamics throughout their new single Torn Apart, Newcastle quintet St.Buryan further consolidate their reputation for writing mature, yet catchy, songs that are the epitome of anthemic.

Opened by a slick legato guitar riff that immediately demands attention, this song makes an aural statement from the very start, compelling any listener to focus on this musical treat. The recognisable voice of Ben Mackett soon joins in, providing the band with the signature sound that they are known for; aptly described, in their own words, as sitting somewhere between indie-rock and pop-punk. This categorisation is well-suited, as the band take the best parts of each genre to create their own sonic identity which, undoubtedly, serves them well as they tread their own path.

Despite the challenges of 2020, St. Buryan have remained headstrong and proactive; this single will be the third song they have shared in the space of eight months, demonstrating admirable perseverance. Both this song and the band deserve well-earned praise and attention.