Stats - Old Flames

Nostalgic, catchy and hypnotising are the best three words to sum up the newest release from London based Stats. Old Flames is your relatable new best friend of a song.

In essence, Old Flames is honestly and openly talking about your ex. “There’s no smoke without old flame” is undoubtedly the key phrase that frontman Ed Seed relays celestially. The idea that often couples face anxieties over each other’s former lives and lovers.

Musically, the simplicity of the track is intriguing and adept. The drums are uncomplicated and effective yet the piano rings pure jazz and funkiness, making for an interesting and beautiful pairing. Backing vocals from the pianist-cellist Nicole Robson are unpretentiously dazzling; her bewitching touch aids to create a dazzling ambience of fine artistry.

If acclaim from Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Dua Lipa, hadn’t already, Old Flame makes it evident that Stats are deeply talented and their music is making waves within the music scene.