Sugarstone - Tiger, Reach Out!

Formed in Preston back in 2017, four-piece synth pop outfit Sugarstone are a band firmly focussed on success since relocating to Manchester.

No strangers to 80s influence, the band have now released Tiger, Reach Out!, recorded and produced at St Helens’ Catalyst Studios with the team from Sugar House.

Very much an in-your-face track, Tiger, Reach Out! offers boundless, youthful energy from start to finish. There’s a feeling of determination flowing throughout, from the bolshy, uplifting beat to bold synth lines which weave in and out; the band’s feel-good persona takes centre stage as they continue to develop their sound.

Should Sugarstone continue on their fast forward momentum, you’ll be bound to see them making waves across the North West and further afield in coming years.