Sunshine Boys Club goes for an unapologetically anthemic hit on 'Don't See Why'

Credit: Kate Hollowell

Previewing a new album due later this year, LA based Sunshine Boys Club has dropped a scorching electro-pop number in the form of 'Don't See Why'.

Effortlessly uplifting, the unapologetically anthemic cut fills a gap in the indie-pop realm of recent years. Colourfully complex, it craftily fuses disco-esque rhythms with the hooks of modern day-pop making for playful and addictive listening.

"‘Don't See Why’ expresses the difficulties of letting go of other people's expectations." explains Sam. "The idea was inspired by witnessing someone close to me hit bottom. Their situation forced me to take a look at my own mistakes and patterns and the song became a reflection of my own life. Why am I doing the things I do? Why am I concerned with other people's reactions? It's impossible to be who everyone wants you to be. Spending too much time chasing other peoples' idea of what your life should look like can leave you at the end of the wrong road."