Swim Deep's Tomi Tomaski makes solo debut with 'Pure Air'

With an impressive musical CV behind him, including stints with Childhood, Oscar Scheller, Fake Laugh, and a present role as drummer in Swim Deep, 2022 looks set to launch the solo career of Thomas Fiquet, or Tomi Tomaski as we now know him.

A pulsing, fuzzy soundscape of dream-pop synths, debut single 'Pure Air' is out now, inspired by the likes of Serge Gainsbourg, Cocteau Twins, Sebastian Tellier and Julian Cope. In his own words, Tomaski says the track is about “being in love so hard that your other half becomes your bottle of oxygen." The first lyrics he's written in years, 'Pure Air' was completed in five minutes, but boasts the emotion and musical of an artist with a lifetime of experience.