Talk Show - Stress

South East London’s Talk Show have revealed latest offering, Stress. Persisting drums and a summery, danceable guitar riffs pulls a veil over the listeners’ eyes, masking the dirt that is due.

The vocals kick in with a Nick Cave grovelling, the lyrics growling their way into your ear-drums, the last syllable of every word lingers as detest and discontent flow from Talk Show’s groovy tune. The first verse progresses and bubbles over to the cult-like, chanting of “this is stress”.

The chorus sees Talk Show draw from another vocal legend with an Iggy Pop-esque aggressive drone, over failures and a pinpoint direct address referring to title: Stress.

Talk Show’s moody, yet poetic take on mental health demonstrates why the quartet are amongst the line up at a host of festivals this summer, and the Londoners are not to be missed.