Talkboy Drop New EP 'Wrapped in Blue'

Leeds favourites Talkboy are back with their second EP, ‘Wrapped in Blue’, a gorgeous hot pot of hectic dancefloor fillers. Full to the brim with careering guitars and caffeinated vocals, their effervescent, eclectic indie pop is the exact medicine to get a smile on your face, and your feet tapping once again.

Opening with the brightly coloured, anthemically minded ‘Stupid Love’, Talkboy get straight to the point. They peacock their cinematic tendencies, the EP a pitch perfect audition to soundtrack the next hit indie flick. Hot on its heels, ‘Sky Is Falling’ is crafted for moshing in the backroom of your local pub, but set to be blared out on stage at major venues up and down the country. The title track, ‘Wrapped In Blue’ refuses to slow the pace despite more downbeat themes, buzzing guitar lines and tripping drums maintaining the carefree feel of the EP, whilst Calum Juniper’s vocals meditate on the importance of looking beyond yourself to defeat melancholy thoughts. He explains, “I feel like it’s the most arrogant thing ever to use the song title in the description, but when I wrote this it really did feel like everything was wrapped in blue. It’s about coming to the realisation there is so much more to get excited about than this blue exterior you’ve been looking at for ages; you just have to be selfless enough to take some time to look closer at stuff other than yourself. The moral of the story is keep the people you care about as close as you can, they’re your ticket out of whatever it is”.

Bringing up the rear, final track ‘Like a Lover Should’ tops off the EP with its lullaby tones, bringing you back down to earth with a gorgeous climax to sedate the chaos, leaving you energised but not manic. Perfect for your morning coffee.