TEME offer a glimpse into new EP with the ambient 'HA LF'

Offering insight to their brand new EP, 'HA LF' due 30th July – today, TEME announce a headline show at London's Laylow and unveil the EP's ambient lead single & title track.

Formed of intricately arranged electronics and intense, building rhythms – 'HA LF' is an incredible view into the duo's unique and captivating brand of alt-pop. It's a busy, yet flawless number which not only displays a band with a true knack for setting a scene - but immerses the listener with each and every one of it's exceptionally done elements.

"HA LF is a song about inner turmoil, the divided self, full of confusion, anger and fear, trying to find the right path forward." explain TEME. "The first half of the song encapsulates all of the frustration one feels when they don’t know how to move forward. How the inability to take control of one’s life can induce a ‘cavity’, self-hatred (‘it’s your own damn fault’) and spiralling thoughts (‘it’s like I’m running on repeat’)."