The Deep Blue debut their luscious harmonies on 'Jealous Sea'

Having spent a period of time planted in the idyllic Welsh countryside at Giant Wafer Studios, fresh faced Manchester trio The Deep Blue have unveiled their feel-good debut single, 'Jealous Sea'.

Produced by Alex Quinn who has recently worked with fellow northern based newcomers Michael Aldag and Lucy Gaffney, 'Jealous Sea' makes for a welcome introduction to The Deep Blue's rich blend of indie, folk and pop influences and world of luscious harmonies and shimmering melodies.

Chatting about their debut single, The Deep Blue elaborate: "You know that feeling: when you’ve lost a little bit of love for yourself and you see that person who has everything you’ve ever wanted. In a world of endless scrolling through the lives of others, it can be difficult to keep your head above the jealous sea; we are all in danger of slipping under. You’re not alone—sometimes we all want to be somebody else. Here’s a song to get you through and dance the green away."