THE FEENS - Sunset

Having already graced the airwaves on everything from Radio 1 to Soccer AM, Made in Chelsea to Sky Sports, the sound of THE FEENS is one you might recognise, but not know from who it hails. Now with the upcoming release of their latest single, Sunset, there’s a lot to be excited about for the boys from Scarborough, and their sound is one you’ll certainly want to get used to.

Following on from recent releases How It Falls and What Are You Dreaming?, Sunset is the latest addition to their discography and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Instantly, the single opens with hypnotising, sliding guitar riffs that draws in the listener, hooking them on for what’s in store.

Creating a summer-like beach vibe, it would be no surprise to hear this playing on the sandy beaches down-under. An Aussie beach may be a big step-up from their coastal town of Scarborough, but their roots explain how it was so easy to emulate the seaside feel. Whilst the drums are heavy hitting, the production quality shines through by perfectly balancing them alongside the other instruments, showcasing a crisp and impactful arrangement right from the start. As far as the whole song goes, this single makes for a perfect, almost 3 minutes of easy listening, allowing you to lose yourself in the shimmering, summery sounds of that these boys effortlessly execute.

If this is your first time listening to THE FEENS, it’s easy to see why they’ve been critically acclaimed by some of the industry bigwigs, with many of them setting their sights on a bright future for the band. Whilst the lyrics of this song might just want you to talk about nothing and focus on the sunset, after the release of this single, THE FEENS are going to be just about the only thing you’ll be talking about. Keep your eyes peeled for these boys, as this certainly feels like the start of something exciting.