The Greeting Committee announce new album 'Dandelion' & unveil new single 'Float Away'

Credit: Elizabeth Miranda

Closely following the dazzling 'Can I Leave Me Too', Kansas-City indie outfit The Greeting Committee have confirmed details of their brand new album, 'Dandelion'.

Continuing in their candid, confessional style of lyricism; the band have also unveiled the emotive new single 'Float Away'. A vidid slice of indie-pop, the track showcases The Greeting Committee's fascinating ability to explore melancholic and vulnerable subjects in the most calming and dreamlike of ways.

Lyrically, it's vocalist Addie Sartino's unguarded exploration of how depression can alter how we view ourselves; speaking on which she elaborates: “There’s a line in the chorus that says, ‘Stale rye, once an apple’s eye,’ which is a way of saying, ‘I used to have so much potential, and now I’m sitting here frozen, and I don’t know what to do with myself,’"

The Greeting Committee's new album, 'Dandelion' is out September 24th via Harvest Records.