The Lazy Eyes Return With Funky New Cut 'Where's My Brain???'

Euphoric Aussie four-piece The Lazy Eyes have released their newest eccentric single ‘Where’s My Brain???’.

Where’s My Brain???’ is pure funk with a 60’s edge. The guitars really seem to be the stars of the show with their constant whacky and remarkable riffs and rhythms. This is the type of song you could play ten times in a row and find yourself hearing different amazing and groovy touches each and every time.

The nostalgic and dreamy vocals create such a vibey listening experience.Where’s My Brain???’ transports the listener to a trance-like state of utter serenity. It’s a calming and downright ethereal listening experience.

Despite having only releasing music since last year with their debut EP, there's no doubt that The Lazy Eyes are on a succinct path to stardom with an adorn of supportive fans and high acclaim.