The Lotts - We Are The Lotts

Garage-band charm meets boisterous torrents of gritty guitar and intense pace in We Are The Lotts. This is the debut EP of Warrington four-piece The Lotts, and it comes in the form of a powerful release of madness and calculated mess.

The titular track opens the EP like a rapid, stormy downpour of chaos. It’s clear The Lotts are capable of maintaining their effortlessly punk-led reputation, expressed through consistent and hard-hitting drum rhythms, wailing guitar and a carefully raspy vocal fighting through.

I Don’t takes a more melodic, but shoutier approach to a pure punk track. Famed for their ferocious live sets, the EP continues with the fast, loud and unconstrained sounds The Lotts take pride in. Dumb well encompasses the “simple and a bit gross” sound that lead guitarist Adam Bridge details. A melodic but ultimately turbulent tone is set through the chord pattern and vocal line, with a classic screech to round off the madness. Preacher Man is a track to get angry to; a savage guitar solo aims to caress the slightly gentler mid-section, prior to another round of energic riffing and cymbal crashes.

With the rest of the EP clinging around the 2-minute mark, Mouth closes the show with a groovy cataclysm of deep, soothing vocals; consistent riffs, and echoey reverb that span the first half of the 5-minute track. Repeated vocal segments sit above layers of building noise, until Mouth ends in a whirring, disorienting wave of distortion.

We Are The Lotts is an EP full of vitality and vigour that can be best described by guitarist and vocalist, Henry Bucanan, “It’s music for people who like it simple and stupid”. With a live, raw edge, the EP acts as an enticing taster of what The Lotts can offer live.