The Magic Gang - Death Of The Party

The Magic Gang’s self-titled debut album outdid even their own expectations, with award nominations from Q and NME plus reaching number 12 on the U.K. album charts. The Magic Gang, with their charming harmonies, were seen as one of Britain’s best new band. This time around with new album Death Of The Party the Brighton natives, inspired by the likes of Lou Reed, Alex Turner and Jonathan Richman, take a new observational lyrical approach to their second album.

The album starts with lead single Think. An energetic song all about “avoiding conflict and reminding yourself not to make things difficult at everyone’s expense.” Just A Minute is a straight up anthem, geared to get the mosh pits bouncing while striped back love song I Am Sunshine is remnant of the band’s early EP’s.

Make A Sound and title track Death Of The Party are two sides of the same night. Both telling the story of New Year’s Eve 2018, but from two different perspectives. Make A Sound is documenting Jack Kaye’s night, who is clearly having a fantastic time. Whereas Death Of The Party follows Kristian Smith’s night, who isn’t quite having the same experience. Both songs perfectly sum up this album, as Kaye explains: “Half the songs were about going out, dancing and having a nice time with your friends, and the other half were quite introspective and self-examining.”

The album ends with their latest single (The World) Outside My Door which is all about Kaye’s guilt at the lack of involvement with the Extinction Rebellion movement: “I had this real sense that everybody around me was taking part in history while I was holed up in my bedroom trying to write an album. It’s quite a guilt-laden song about feeling that you should be doing more.”

The Magic Gang have managed to avoid the second album syndrome that plagues many bands with ease. There’s a more mature lyrical approach to Death Of The Party with a strong focus on storytelling, it feels like the perfect evolution for the band.