The Murder Capital - For Everything (Tapetown Sessions)

Dublin’s darkest post punk product, The Murder Capital take time out of their latest tour to release a seething version of For Everything, the opening track from their critically acclaimed album When I Have Fears with Tapetown Studios.

Flawlessly blending New Order style drumming, searingly dark bass lines and modern vocals akin to those showcased by fellow punk rockers Idles, the Irish band builds a sonically dark and chaotic world within the tracks six minutes. The quasi-live feeling of the studio take, allows the visceral emotion behind the lyrics to shine, even through pounding drums and intense wall-of-sound guitar. A refreshing and much needed take on ‘guitar music’.

Helped along by prominent and passionate lyrics, the band’s dark, twisting sound creates an almost nightmarish tone which ebbs and flows throughout the song, keeping the listener hooked and expecting. For Everything almost seems to be a call to arms of likeminded and socially aware people, and a statement of self identity from the band themselves.

Not only does the band’s energy and passion shine even brighter through this Tapetown Studios take, it’s clear to see that this is a band comfortable and proud of their identity, and who are ready to show the world what they are about. Having already come a long way from Dublin it is clear that these post punks are not yet satisfied and will continue to deliver their signature brand of post punk brilliance in their dramatic and recognisable style; who knows what will come next.