The New Consistent - Turn Off All The Screens

Heavily backed by the music community in his Midlands home, whether it be in the form of production from Swim Deep’s Austin Williams or awards nominations from Birmingham Music Awards, Ben Ramsay, better known as The New Consistent is starting to make a name for himself.

Turn Off All The Screens is Ben’s first release since summer 2019, and sees him take full control of both his writing and production - using outside help only from friend and fellow musician Charlotte Lennon who features on the track’s vocals.

“Wait a minute, I’d like to cash out please / My bet’s gone to shit and I’ve reached my peak”, the pair lull over soft synth lines and a bouncing electronic beat, the contrast of Lennon’s soft vocals against Ben’s spoken lyrics adding additional depth to the melancholy of his lyrics.

There’s definite potential in The New Consistent, but also some growth to be made. Give Ben Ramsay a year or two to define his sound and he’ll be picking up acclaim much further afield than the Midlands.