The Rezner - Wouldn't You Like To Know

Contentious lyrics and haunting guitar riffs embody the feel of Wouldn’t You Like To Know, the new single from the upcoming and soon to be acclaimed band The Rezner.

Although arguably an indie love song (not in a junkyard indie way), the track still manages to showcase the band’s couldn’t give a damn attitude with its powerful and belligerent words that are largely relatable to many young adults in the 21st century.

Explaining the heartbreak and confusion when faced with a relationship, without veering towards soppiness, Wouldn’t You Like To Know has the potential to be a new break up anthem.

The lyrics “I really wanna hate you, but I really wanna play with you” represent the inner conflict many people experience during a breakup. With relatable lyrics and a sound which lays in the crosshairs of Franz Ferdinand and The White Stripes, Wouldn’t You Like To Know could prove to be a well established and favoured piece of musical artistry.