The Snuts - Always

With Jack Cochrane’s paradigmatic and iconic vocals paired with the bands constant in-sync performance, The Snuts perplex many again with their sensational single, Always.

Yes, it’s a love song. Not in a cheesy way, but in a beautifully melodic way. Always is a piece of musical artistry that creates addictive listening. The lyrics themselves are relatable and sincere.

You simply can’t fault The Snuts, their speedy success only proves that point. The four-piece have the ability to create easy, flowing tracks that are incredibly bloody catchy. Always isn’t an anthemic sing-a-long song like the Scottish four-piece usually release, it is much more delicate and translucent.

You never quite know what to expect when you hear that The Snuts are going to release new music, which only keeps the massive hype about them going even more intensely. If you somehow haven’t listened to them yet, go listen now.