The Snuts - Elephants

Following the release of their latest EP earlier this year, the explosive and recently proclaimed Scottish four-piece The Snuts have released their newest single Elephants.

Filled to the brim with addictive guitar hooks and sensuous vocals it not unlike their previously released songs bar the introduction of a chorus that is undeniably weighing on the side of pop. Although this being dissimilar to their expected nineties rock ’n’ roll signature sound the single Elephants has been welcomed with open arms from fans of the dynamic band.

The Snuts have relied heavily on the influence of late Mancunian bands featuring within the late eighties and this is still pronounced within elephants during the verses and middle-eight. The funky back-beat follows releases such as Fatboy Slim and is one of the most trademarked features within their music and has helped enable their success due to the large audience that adheres to this old school genre.

With a bitter and enraged undertone, the racing vocals come with an air of aggravated passion. The central theme of the song displaying the ideas of self-belief in times of struggle which is undoubtedly a welcoming message in times like these.

It is undeniable that The Snuts are on a path to acclaimed success and their musical talent has created exceptional anthems.