The Strifes - All Day and All Night

Angsty, catchy, and addictive are the three words that come to mind when the newest single All Day and Night from The Strifes is played.

The track is the debut single from the Southampton based indie rock outfit, despite it being their first release, it is pretty polished, to say the least. In the most basic of terms, you could call it early Arctic Monkeys with a 60’s edge, topped off with one snappy chorus.

The lyrics are your typical gushy indie love song, but who’s to say there is anything wrong with that? They are memorable, vibrant, and relatable. All Day and Night is anthemic, a song that should be blasted at 2 am on a night out.

The three-piece have assuredly made their mark within the upcoming music scene with their release, with hopefully plenty more releases on the way.