The Velvet Hands - Back On A Winner

Back On A Winner screams cult The Velvet Hands. Angsty, threatening and contentious, it’s possibly some of their most impassioned work to date.

The charismatic Cornish four-piece showcase their musical ability in the most heated way with Back On A Winner. It is gloriously enraged with hard-hitting drums and impassioned vocals. The release is a song that everyone needs to blast on their speaker right this second. The message of resilience is lit up with some pretty enormous flashing lights.

“Back On A Winner’ is about the resentment that everybody feels when they see someone who appears to have it all” tell the band. The single creates addictive listening with its no-nonsense and catchy lyrics, which will probably make you want to have a pint or two, while standing on your kitchen table and screaming out the lyrics; making you feel like one hell of a badass.

The Velvet Hands are undeniably expert musicians who know how to write a monumental anthem. Keep your eyes peeled for an acoustic release coming soon.