The Velvet Hands - Fallout

Cornwall’s finest, The Velvet Hands recently released their newest single, Fallout.

Compiled of angsty lyrics and heavy punk influence, Fallout shows the four-piece at their most absonant and discordant, despite being relatively heavy in their previous tracks, the pure dynamism in this track is unmissable. Although the track is rowdy, by no means it is not played to perfection.

A concoction of punk and garage rock is what The Velvet Hands bring to the table. The band takes clear influence from the likes of 80's punk idols such as The Clash but bring a modern twist. With thought-provoking lyrics such as "Do you believe in rock and roll?", this single is hard to give a miss. Ending with an instrumental execution that is played with absolute vigor and mania, which demonstrates all performers' talents in such high praise. The upcoming rockers are undoubtedly worth a listen.