• Chloe Mogg

Thea - Soon Enough

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

London based songwriter Thea has music running through her blood and channels a true soul sensation in latest single Soon Enough. Keeping true to her roots, her grandfather is one of her biggest influences and was in fact in the legendary 60s band Blue Mink. Channeling a Corinne Bailey Rae meets Jorja Smith vocal melody, the latest single tackles giving up on friendships that have run their course. About that final stage of ‘grieving’ lost friendships, the songwriter comes to terms with the fact that not everyone will do the same as you when it comes to being loyal. 

Even though it lingers in a sad aura, the singer has definitely turned this negative into something powerfully positive. Featuring a simple arrangement, the emotive vocals illuminate purity and honesty in Thea’s performance. It’s hard to come to terms with things and move on, but this comforting number shows that it’s always the best thing to do in these circumstances. A strong production and performance from an artist destined for greatness.