Thom Southern - Perfect Someone

Stepping aside from joint projects with his fellow rising-star sister Lucy Gaffney, Belfast’s Thom Southern has shared his second solo single, Perfect Someone, a blend of Beck, My Bloody Valentine and The Smashing Pumpkins influences.

Full to the brim with nostalgia, Thom’s latest work feels like all of an MTV Rock’s playlist rolled into one - effortlessly transporting the listener into hazy memories using atmospheric textures and a hypnotising drum beat created on an 808 drum machine.

Speaking about the sentiment behind the track, Thom explains, “Perfect Someone is a bittersweet story of nostalgia and young love. I wanted to write a song about that moment when out of the blue an old romance pops into your head and takes you straight back to a specific time and place. The lyrics are about finding an old coat that hasn’t been worn in years with a photograph inside one of the pockets. You remember how good that day was but inevitably you know it will never be the same again.”

With the talent displayed on Perfect Someone, Thom’s identity as a solo artist is destined to grow at great speed; setting himself firmly aside sister Lucy Gaffney as another important one to watch in 2021.

(Photo credit: Olin Brannigan)