Thumper - Topher Grace

Naming your latest single after the guy from That’s 70s Show who played a racist politician in Blakkklansman and was a really crappy Venom in Spider-Man 3 is a very odd decision, to say the least. Then again, Thumper have been making pretty odd decisions in regards to crafting their music, and it’s worked pretty well so far.

Whether it’s filtering their punk roots through difficult structures & copious amounts of feedback, or beefing up their sound with two drummers, aThumper have crafted a chaotic collage of visceral energy and infectious melodies. Single Topher Grace continues their confrontational punk mentality, but through new methods.

For one, not many punk bands touch the 6 minute length, but the track never feels like it drags. The opening dirge-like riff brings to mind Soundgargen at their more restrained, setting the mood for a grinding, head mashing mix of scuzzy vocals, fuzzy bass lines and crashing drums.

The track is a wound-up cocktail of nerves, ready to burst at any moment. The lyrics find singer Oisin Furlong stuck between big mouth braggart and insecure man child, making arrogant boasts like “My ego is the best boy in the room” one minute and then admonishing himself the next.

Like their fellow Irish punks Fontaine’s D.C., Thumper have found the sweet spot between bratty insincerity and self-aware irony. Hopefully, like Fontaine’s, Thumper will find a similar sized audience to appreciate their way of thinking.