Thyla Share First Release of 2021 'Breathe'

Brighton four-piece Thyla have released their latest dreamy single titled ‘Breathe’.

Thyla have created the perfect easy breezy listening release with ‘Breathe’. Filled with an immaculate atmosphere, it is austerely heavenly and mesmeric. The outfit have an enchanting talent to create incredibly blissful melodies.

The single focuses on the idea of loosing someone, something that everyone has faced at some point in their lives making it so relatable for many. It centres its ideas on trying to move on from people who have hurt you.

Breathe’ is not the most complicated of songs, yet beautiful in its minimalistic nature. This only enhances the songs captivating and euphoric value.

Thyla have a wondrously supportive fan-base and they are sure to draw many more in over the next few months with their mesmerising and tantalising releases; definitely a band to keep an eye on.