tiger lili - lightning

The effects of quarantine and self-isolation had vastly different impacts on vastly different people. For some people, it was completely demotivating, but for others, it gave them the time and space needed to express their creativity in ways they had not been able to before. Lili Trifilio of Beach Bunny fell into the latter category. Searching for a means to cope with the boredom of lockdown saw the birth of tiger lili, the artist’s mythological alter ego. lightning is the first release under that alias.

Whilst Beach Bunny’s music is an exercise in pastels and deeply personal pop, tiger lily is a black and white call back to the past. With distinct folk influences, lightning signifies a departure from what one might expect from Trifilio. Meandering in a softer, gentle sound for most of the track, it soon gives way to a spoken word moment of nostalgia surrounding a thunderstorm. The rising, dark thrash of instruments that follows feels all too reminiscent of that very thunderstorm. The result is a track so jolting it’s almost unnerving – but as the artist’s first production credit? It’s definitely impressive.