Tracks of the Week - Banji, Flossing, Dylan, Alex Amor & Spilt Milk Society

Banji - Credit: Benjamin Srijindarat

There's a lot going on this month. Festivals are back, camping is back and sadly, extra-long hangovers are too – but the world of new music is far from slowing down.

With the number of must-hear releases rising (much) faster than the aforementioned tents, we've rounded up some of this week's best new tracks and stuck 'em all in one place for your listening pleasure.

Banji - 'TalkieWalkie'

Dutch outfit Banji continue their sugary sweet ascent with the release of yet another vibrant and addictive number. 'TalkieWalkie' displays a band with a knack for proper, quality indie-pop. There's no gimmicks here, just excitable and endearing tunes capable of lifting even the darkest of moods.

“This song was meant to be a continuation of our other song 'Listen'." tells Banji's Morris Brandt. "I wanted to write down some of the conversations I had with myself in the shower, cause that's really the only place I can actually win arguments. I thought that was a fun concept for a song, but I ended up writing about frustration. Being tied up and missing a sense of freedom and forwardness. Trying to handle that, but failing to consider a different perspective - all the way up to the point you'd rather spend your energy screaming at a wall.”

Flossing - 'Add To Cart'

New Brace Yourself Records addition, Flossing has shared an eery new insight into her forthcoming EP 'Queen Of The Mall'. 'Add To Cart' is a twisting, mischievous slice of avante-pop loaded with enticing electronic textures and enticing dark humour.

On the single, Heather Elle says: “American statistician Edward Tufte once said, 'There are only two industries that refer to their customers as users: illegal drugs and software.

Alex Amor - 'dare you'

Scottish riser Alex Amor has created a dreamlike soundtrack for summer days in 'dare you'. The first track from a new project, 'Summer is Sweet with You'; it sits somewhere amongst the carefree melodies of new Lorde material and the enthralling alt-pop of Wallice.

“‘dare you’ is about taking risks while the sun is still high in the sky." tells Alex. "I wanted the track to feel like summer heat: a warm and steady haze that lifts you up on brighter days. It's about opening yourself up to all potentials and possibilities. Making a bet on someone, with the hopes that it'll pay off in the long run. Because life is too short to always play it safe.”

Dylan - 'Nineteen'

21-year old Londoner Dylan sounds way beyond her years on the dazzling pop number 'Nineteen'. Boasting nostalgia by the bucketload; it's a romantic, wide-eyed tale of carefree youth. Evocative, euphoric and effortlessly uplifting, it could just be the sound of pop's next big thing.

‘Nineteen’ is a nostalgic song about youth, love and heartbreak,” tells dylan. “It’s just about being young, and the summer of [being] 19 was so superior to every other summer because I had no responsibilities, and no school, and no reason to be anywhere.

Spilt Milk Society - 'Bon Iver'

Birmingham four-piece Spilt Milk Society's post-breakup unease has crafted a woozy lo-fi gem in the form of 'Bon Iver'. Reflecting on the all too relatable struggle that comes with certain songs stirring up memories of people from the past, 'Bon Iver' makes for somber yet soothing listening for bedroom-pop and Bon Iver fans alike.

“We wanted to write about the lasting effects of being close with people for years to then suddenly stop having anything to do with them.” explain Spilt Milk Society. “Those people shape you forever, and for us it’s luckily always been for the better, but there are still painful reminders that linger on and you find yourself avoiding them.