Tracks of the Week: Blackaby, APRE, Dirty Nice, HANYA & Lady Bird

(Blackaby - Credit: Ben Andrewes)

It's that time of week again, yup! Tracks of the week time.

We're waving goodbye to August with another five big hitters, headed up this week by Londoner Blackaby and his new'un 'She'll Make Some Time On A Monday'. He's joined by none other than APRE, Dirty Nice, Hanya & Lady Bird; dig on in below.

Blackaby - 'She'll Make Some Time On A Monday'

William Blackaby is no stranger to an addictive indie hit. Following up his outstanding 'Everything's Delicious' EP, new cut 'She'll Make Some Time On A Monday' is a buzzy, uplifting little number boasting more endearing charm than you could ever ask for.

According to Blackaby, it's about "Being too busy to see your friends and your friends being too busy to see you. It’s about naming your pot plants, dippy eggs and battery farms. It’s about wishing time away, small talk and holidays. It’s about being a kid and becoming grown up."

APRE - 'All Mine'

APRE are set to deliver a brand new mixtape, 'A001' in early 2022. Offering an early appetite-whetter, the pair have shared one of its 9 tracks in the form of 'All Mine'. It's a simmering synth-pop jam packed with hip-shaking rhythms and immersive textures .

Of the track, APRE explain: “When something becomes so good we can’t help but look for the flaws, drowning our minds with false anxiety, as we lie in disbelief that we’ve found the one person that understands us. In other words it seems too good to be true. This song speaks of the never ending sense of joy another human being can give you.”

Dirty Nice - 'Giving Up'

The debut album from Dirty Nice is shaping up to be very nice indeed. Taken from 'Lobster', latest cut 'Giving Up' is a bright and playful piece of alt-pop buzzing with skittish synths and luscious overtones. The duo become more addictive and more impressive with everything they do, and 'Giving Up' is no different.

“Giving Up is a song about growing up - taking responsibility and joy in the life you’re living, rather than pursuing a life you don’t have." tell Dirty Nice. "All opportunities come and go and the years tumble over each other rapidly, and there’s no stopping it. You’ll feel much better if you just give yourself up to it.”

HANYA - 'Fortunes'

HANYA's knack for atmospheric pop grows stronger month after month. New single 'Fortunes' combines the whirring, evocative vocals of the likes of Alvvays and mashes it with craftily constructed psychedelic synths. It's the title-track of a new EP, due later this year.

Discussing the track, Heather states: “‘Fortunes’ started almost as a joke as we teased the idea of writing a laid-back Y2K banger. Naturally, the more we wrote, the more we loved it. We followed our musical nose until we felt we had tapped into something special. Light, yet heavy, and catchy as hell the track details how getting outside of your comfort zone can often lead to finding the best version of yourself.”

Lady Bird - 'Factory Fool'

Detailing an eagerly awaited debut album, Kent punk outfit Lady Bird look set to stir up a storm with 'Factory Fool'. The first to be shared from 'WE', coming via Alcopop! Records in the near future, the thrashing new'un promises mosh pits aplenty when they hit the road later this month.

Speaking on the new single, Lady Bird explained: “‘Factory Fool’ reminds us all of that sound. The ringing of the school bell which tells us when to eat, when to speak, when to work, when to move to the next teacher's classroom-whose script remains written by his master's voice, the same as from state schools through to Eaton. Ding ding, back in the ring, toe to toe-walk the line…”