Tracks of the Week: Findlay, Porij, Larry Pink The Human, Night Shop & margomool

(Findlay - Credit: Dana Trippe)

We're playing catch up this week. Amongst the havoc of awards season, postponed festivals (long may festival season continue) and more new music than anyone could possibly ask for - Findlay has shared her first new solo work since 2017, Porij have dropped a debut EP and Larry Pink The Human an entire new mixtape.

There's also cracking new tracks from Night Shop & margomool, and we've only scratched the surface. Dive in below.

Findlay - 'Life Is But A Dream'

Her first solo release since 2017's 'Forgotten Pleasures', Findlay - known for her enthralling work as part of TTRUUCES has shared the dazzling little number 'Life Is But A Dream'. Accompanied by equally dreamy visuals, the wistful cut is her first official release as an independent artist.

“I made the decision that the next music I released I had to own, I had to be in control and I didn’t want to ask permission or opinions from anyone else on the making of,” says Natalie.

“The last few years were tough for me, navigating the death of someone close and dealing with the aftermath, then the pandemic, the lockdowns... my mental health took a big hit. I was totally burnt out for a while. I had to work very hard on myself to get back to a place where I even felt comfortable releasing music. I think towards the end, it was great having something to work towards between all the chaos and heartache,”

Porij - 'Can't Stop'

Manchester trio Porij have dropped their mighty debut EP into the world - taken from 'Baby Face', lead single 'Can't Stop' is a welcome foray into the band's unabashed and unafraid world of wonky, danceable art-pop which continues to set Porij apart from their fellow Manchester artists.

"I wrote "Can't Stop" one night almost 2 years ago as a way of stopping myself from overthinking." tells Tom. "I'd fallen in that hole of playing the same tiny moments over and over again in my head and I needed to get them all out and put them to bed. Can't Stop is a super intense, pretty relentless dance tune, about uncertainty, changing your mind and being completely consumed by your thoughts - but all while having a pretty sick time. After I wrote the song, it was just a super rushed, messy garage beat with loads of dodgy synth patches and autotune singing, but I brought it into the band and we figured out how to make it work, as we always do! One of the maddest to play live I think. We all have pretty manic parts to play, but that just adds to the manic energy."

Larry Pink The Human - 'DO DON'T WILL WON'T'

Taken from the duo's brand spanking new mixtape, 'M1XTAPE' – 'DO DON'T WILL WON'T' is Larry Pink The Human's pensive and nostalgic new single. The pair's playful yet intimate take on alt-pop has become an equally uplifting and comforting soundtrack over their recent releases, as they combine themes of both happiness and grief. The new track offers a soothingly familiar feeling, while remaining very much the pair's own.

“Nothing speaks to us deeper than music and these songs represent the beginning of LPTH,” Laurie & Jolyon say. ‘The highs the lows, the ordinary and the fantastic all bundled up one after the other with a guitarlele and some weird synths."

Night Shop - 'Forever Night'

Returning to his career in music following a transformative extended break, Justin Sullivan - known not only for his own work as Night Shop, but frequent collaborations with Kevin Morby, live performances in Waxahatchee and founding LA post-punk outfit Flat Worm has made his return with 'Forever Night' - the title track of a forthcoming LP.

“It’s a song about feeling grateful and inspired by the pace and lessons of the city and the pace and lessons of getting to experience a life spent playing music” tells Sullivan.

margomool - 'Day And Night'

Offering a glimpse into their forthcoming debut EP, due 21st October - London producer and vocalist margomool provides a transportive listen on 'Day And Night'. Deeply layered with elements of neo-soul and jazz, it makes for a subtly emotional listen.

“With ‘Day & Night’, I wanted to create a piece that looks at how reality and fiction are interdependent. Without dreams nothing changes, but tangible action is needed to bring our hopes into existence,” says margomool.

It comes with two opposing visuals. “The first is an animation of ‘Day’, made by Leeds-based animator Molly Pukes. We went fully in and created an entire fantasy world based on the destructive and nurturing characteristics of human nature.” They add: “The visuals for ’Night’, made with George Nindi, delve into the darkness of existentialism…more on that later.”