Tracks of the Week: Katy Alex, Wasuremono, Odd Morris, Kita Menari & LØLØ

It's been a week since we headed over to Liverpool for a wet weekend at Sound City, but we're definitely still recovering. Piecing ourselves back together for this week's tracks of the week, it seems only fitting to place one of the weekend's new music discoveries atop of the pile.

Scouse newcomer Katy Alex is sitting pretty with her new single 'Maliblues', amongst new'uns from Wasuremono, Odd Morris, Kita Menari and LØLØ. Delve in below!

Katy Alex - 'Maliblues'

Scouse newcomer Katy Alex creates furiously addictive electro-pop with an intimate and captivating edge, and new single 'Maliblues' is no different. Produced by Alex Quinn, it's a proper uplifting pop tune which masks the tenderness of imposter syndrome with addictive, bouncing electro elements. Good stuff? You bloody bet.

"‘Maliblues’ was born from a feeling I couldn’t shake whilst on holiday in LA a couple of years ago." tells Katy. "I went out to California for a week with an old friend on a private jet (not kidding) and ended up in a mansion in Malibu having a BBQ. I know that sounds made up, or maybe even dream-like, and trust me for a little scouse girl it really was a dream…on paper. Although everyone around me was completely taken in by the glitz and glamour of a Billionaire Cali lifestyle, I just couldn’t get rid of this sadness deep down. I felt homesick, I missed my family and friends, and it really just confirmed for me how money can’t buy true happiness, having the people you love around you can.”

Wasuremono - 'Hi!'

Wiltshire outfit Wasuremono's journey into full-fledged pop is well on its way with new cut 'Hi!'. Taken from the forthcoming second half of their ambitious two-part debut album, 'Let's Talk Pt. 2'; it takes on the band's vibrant and infectious persona and adds a hazy, dream-pop edge.

“I bought this old wooden flute in a charity shop for a pound in my hometown of Bath, our Keys player Madelaine bet that I would never use it on a song. I stacked it like Brian May and wrote this Indie anthem." elaborates the band's William Southward. "It’s a song written for dreamers, and to those who take risks to pursue them.”

Odd Morris - 'Silhouette'

Rising Dubliners Odd Morris will release their debut EP 'Cityscape the Ballet' on 27th October, with new single 'Silhouette' offering an endearing taste of what's to come. The track came to fruition as a form of therapy for frontman Darragh Griffin, who elaborates: “I had bottled things up, so I just let my subconscious do the talking."

"I think lads specifically could benefit from being more open with each other. This isn't a song about bashing masculinity, not at all, I see it almost as an invitation to be more open so we don't keep making the same mistake."

Kita Menari - 'Saturday'

Dutch synth-pop artist Kita Menari provides euphoria by the bucketload with his new addition, 'Saturday'. The perfect soundtrack to those cinematic feeling evening drives, it simmers with an enthralling sense of passion and nostalgia. “it’s about going from ‘human doing’ to ‘human being - living in the now and letting go of all else…" he says.

"I’ve always tried to focus on letting go and giving yourself to a moment. I don’t think there are enough opportunities for people to do this: we work 5 days a week and only give ourselves one vacation a year. I think Music can help us to live in the now. We're occupied with thoughts and feelings of the past and worries of the future.”

LØLØ - 'u look stupid'

Toronto star in the making LØLØ channels her angst into a punk inspired break-up smash on 'u look stupid'. Pairing grunge-toned guitars with Avril-esque vocals and a sharp-tongued chorus delivered with an attitude designed to uplift and empower heartbroken listeners in their masses; it's a girl-power anthem for fans of commercial pop and punk alike.

"It's about standing up for yourself and letting people know you can’t be fucked with, LØLØ says. "Let 'u look stupid' be a reminder: don’t let the stupid people getcha down."