Tracks of the Week: Yumi Zouma, pecq, kid apollo, piglet & grentperez

(Yumi Zouma - Credit: Nick Grennon)

It's tracks of the week time again. Hot on the heels of a mini heatwave and prepped for the transition into autumn, Yumi Zouma are back with a slice of their new material and pecq with their first alt-pop smash of 2021, while kid apollo are making their debut and there's new'uns from piglet & grentperez.

Dig on in below.

Yumi Zouma - 'Give It Hell'

New Zealand alt-poppers Yumi Zouma are heading out on a UK tour in 2022. The quarter have unveiled a taste of what's to come from their fourth album with 'Give It Hell'; a nostaglic, glimmering synth-pop number filled with luscious textures.

“Before we went on stage for the only show we would play on our sold-out 2020 US tour, we held each other tight, and fighting back the tears, someone said ‘let's give it hell tonight’. The next day, ‘Truth Or Consequences’ was released. We drove to New York, took some photos, and dispersed back to our homes in the US, UK, and New Zealand. We haven’t been in the same room since." explains guitarist/vocalist Josh Burgess.

"To 'give it hell' is one of the strongest ways to stay present. Throwing yourself entirely into something, knowing it’s all you can give - it can be equal parts rewarding and humbling.

This song encapsulates us digging deep, pushing through self doubt, and being grateful for the purpose and process of making music together. Especially when it’s hard and feels futile. In the spirit of staying present, we wanted to release this song NOW, and not wait for any other moment than this one.”

Pecq - 'Over and Over'

Nikò O’Brien and Hannah ‘Jakes’ Jacobs have shared a glorious slice of synth-pop in the form of the latest release from pecq. 'Over and Over' pairs snaggy synth lines with elements of pysch and electronica for an enthralling and addictive listen.

Speaking on the track, Jakes says: 'Over and Over is about moving from my small town to the city, trying to outrun my teenage identity and work myself out.'

Speaking on the video, director Zak Watson adds: “The video for Over and Over explores identity, questioning whether adapting our visual identity can cause distortions of our former selves”

kid apollo - 'let go of things i said.'

The debut single from Londoners kid apollo, 'let go of things i said.' is a lowkey yet gripping listen from a trio with big potential. Combining lo-fi bedroom-pop with splashes of R&B, it's a subtly powerful entrance, effortlessly building intrigue into what the band will share next.

Of the track, vocalist Jimmy HM explains: "‘let go of things i said’ tells the simple story of two people that rely heavily on each other yet refuse to accept it. It explains how the small things that happen between two people are often what breaks a relationship down."

piglet - 'dan's note'

Irish songwriter and producer Charlie Loane has shared his latest solo release as piglet – 'dan's note'. A tender DIY effort, the track's simplistic yet captivating nature is heavily centred around Loane's knack for production.

"I wrote this song during one of the lockdowns after finding a note my friend dan left me which had quotes from a poem he liked. The lyrics include bits that he wrote, and bits of things he quoted, as well as some words from me,” Loane elaborates.

“The song is about missing people I love and my gratitude for my friends, in particular for the warmth and vulnerability of some of the guys around me who have, probably unknowingly, shown me in practice that masculinity does not have to lack warmth to survive."

grentperez - 'Cherry Wine'

Australian-born grentperez is very much on the rise. With fans already in their masses following a series of Youtube videos, new track 'Cherry Wine' solidifies Grant as more than just flavour of the month. The woozy, sultry number is a lustrous display of his charming vocals and hopelessly romantic lyricism.

Of the track, Grant says: "I feel as though my music, and this song in particular, has got to be some sort of imaginative gateway to this guy that’s got all the moves and confidence, and experiences a complex love with every song.

I'm a bit of a hopeless romantic at heart and somewhere in the back of my head I have a few rom-com scenes and moments from TV built up that play over constantly that I subconsciously look back to when I write songs like this.

In all honesty, that would be super fun to have interacted with someone in that way, however I don’t think I would have been able to swoon a girl over with my dance moves.”