Recently named as one of Jack Saunders’ ‘Next Wave’ artists on BBC Radio 1, London based duo TTRUUCES are the ambitious, intriguing and ever-so-surprising newcomers ready to grab your attention.

Newly released self-titled single TTRRUUCES is far from what you’d anticipate have you just stumbled across the duo. An eerie, psychedelic slice of indie rock with a slight disco tinge; it’s one of those rarities which leaves you wondering, "Wow, where on earth have these been hiding?”.

Taunting and tantalising throughout, “You’re on a bad trip baby, you’re going batshit crazy” hypnotises while layered psych tones shoot the mysterious, trippy atmosphere through the roof. It’s a truly skilful release from a band undoubtedly set to soar in 2020, effortlessly managing to overwhelm their listener in the very best of ways.