Tungz - Go Out

Following on from the March release of Can’t We Just Be Friends Again, Bristol-based quartet Tungz add to the collection of exceptional releases available via indie label Heist or Hit with the woozy, laidback new cut Go Out.

Despite being focussed on the stresses and anxiety caused by bad routines and overexertion, Go Out is a soothing, funk-fuelled track befitting any sunny day stroll. Tungz’s mixed influences of psychedelia, funk and pop makes Go Out a swagger-filled gem which is made better again by the band’s slick production skills.

Chatting about the single, lyricist and vocalist Nicky Green expands: “Jamie (Maier) and I spent 8 months sofa surfing and sharing rooms while we were looking for a place and saving money to move to London. Because we were moving around so much the song ended up being written in 4 different places. I wrote it as a conversation with myself. It’s about carrying too much weight in your soul without realising and getting exhausted with a routine that’s no good for you.”