TV Coma - Congratulations

Brighton has no shortage of stellar up-and-coming artists on the scene, but power-pop quartet, TV Coma are really something to shout about. With feisty vocals and vigorous guitars, TV Coma’s latest single Congratulations is millennial indie rock with a derisive attitude toward modern relationships.

A bold and tight riff opens the song under a nonchalant 90s guise, while a punchy vocal explores lyrics filled to the brim with combative feelings of inadequacy and the woes of moving on. Described by co-frontman Leo Troy, Congratulations takes on the fallout of a rough breakup in the digital era, wherein the new life of a former lover can feel inescapable.

Roaring harmonies are a staple of the chorus: a confident, rowdy and indulgent expression of a memorable melody. Punchy drum fills break up the waves of mid-20s aggression, as expected with producer, Neil Kennedy (Creeper/Milk Teeth) and the final master by Pete Lyman (Weezer/Fallout Boy).

The mess of the split and its detailing in the lyrics are confidently paired with a slow, clangy breakdown. A slowing deluge of anger meets the ‘unique kind of acceptance’, which Troy reveals as an unlikely undertone to the song.

Congratulations forms part of TV Coma’s upcoming album, WUSS. Anticipated for an autumn release, WUSS promises to be biting and punky, in true TV Coma style.