TV People - String

The genre of indie-punk has been growing at an exponential rate recently, and in the current climate, who can blame those rising through the ranks and making quality, angsty, punk fuelled tunes. TV People are one of these, and this Dublin based four-piece are ones to watch.

Equal parts catchy and moody, latest track String captures the spirit of a pissed-off and misunderstood generation. Powerful yet building baselines pushed forward by heavy and deliberate drums paired seamlessly with Ian Curtis-esque vocalisation, this ever so slightly more modern take on a now classic genre is seamless, and relevant as ever.

After an absolute corker of a year, TV People’s fifth release only adds to an already formidable set they have curated so far. Successfully edging together modern problems with influences from the core of indie punk, this band are set for a huge future.