Twin Atlantic - POWER

Created solely within with walls of their ten year in the making Glasgow studio, Twin Atlantic’s fourth album release POWER is the fierce sound of freedom.

Consisting of eight frantically infectious tracks, and two captivating interludes written and produced by Twin Atlantic themselves, POWER feels different to the Glaswegian’s earlier albums; yet sounds more Twin Atlantic than ever before.

Opener Oh! Euphoria! introduces the new, electronic tinged sound which is found throughout the album, and gives Twin Atlantic the extra punch nobody knew they needed via a tantalising intro and infamously Twin hard-hitting chorus. Then comes Barcelona, lyrically a hymn to frontman Sam McTrusty’s wife; sonically a big, bolshy anthem loaded with those new electronic elements and yet another building, soaring chorus.

Elsewhere, I Feel It Too is a fired up, euphoric piece of rock oozing with the empowered drive which POWER has given the band; while Ultraviolet Truth offers the boldest tastes of the Depeche Mode influence behind this freedom fuelled new direction while Volcano hits with a swaggering bass line and another blazing chorus which has already confirmed itself a huge live hit.

Penultimate track Messiah leans back into those Depeche Mode influences, but it’s McTrusty’s sheer belonging as a frontman which shines the most. Closer Praise Me sees POWER out with a thunderous confidence which unarguably pays off.

Twin Atlantic have proven themselves more than just a rock band with POWER, this fourth album is a testament to an incredibly hard working band whose decade of experience has led to an album which will please fans both new and old.