Twin Peaks - What's The Matter

Originating from Chicago, nonchalant five-piece Twin Peaks have created yet another serene and breezy single titled What’s The Matter.

Brimming with groovy guitar hooks and easygoing vocals, What’s The Matter makes you feel as though you are floating 10,000 feet about the clouds. Being a band iconically known for their graceful and nostalgic easy listening tracks, that carefree aura is the embodiment of their latest single.

Although having produced seven albums since 2013, Twin Peaks are undoubtedly not being forgotten and are still emerging triumphantly into the indie music scene, with over 400,000 monthly listeners on Spotify to account for their dedication.

Not only does What’s The Matter incorporate all Twin Peaks’ usual musical mastery, that being catchy choruses and incredibly beautiful guitar. It illustrates their want for improvement with alluringly decorated ornaments of flute and an adornment of intricate and offbeat drums that create a blissful back-beat.

Having been an ever persistent part of the indie and alternative music scene, Twin peaks are assuredly still promoting their glorious musical ability.