Valley Boy - Black Cat

Born and raised in Los Angeles, James Alan Ghaleb and Ian Meltzer, better known as Valley Boy are the duo creating indie-rock with a blissful, laidback twist.

Black Cat is an introduction to their forthcoming debut EP, and a glossy, tranquillising dose of indie-pop; think LANY meets Dominic Fike. It’s a testament to the pair’s childhood friendship, displaying their effortless ability to create loveable and relatable music whilst still having fun.

"It’s about being in the kind of place in your life where you’re cyclically consuming, accepting, and feeling like junk. I felt like shit and was in a shit relationship for the year that preceded 'Black Cat', and so that’s what we’re putting into our bodies in the music video”; they detail.

Should they manage the breakthrough they are oh-so deserving of, Valley Boy will be soaring amongst their LA peers in no time.