Velvet Starlings - Karmic Lemonade

Angst with a side of misgiving is exactly what Velvet Starlings bring to the table. Latest single Karmic Lemonade is no exception.

“It’s about a relationship’s ability to go from sweet to sour. It’s like an ice-cold sip of lemonade when things are good.” tells Christian Gisborne.

With turbulent and enraged vocals from lead vocalist Christian, Karmic Lemonade manages to epitomise rock and roll in the 21st century. Without copying the rock legends, Velvet Starlings embody the charisma, passion and exasperation of the greats while managing to maintain their distinctive characteristics.

Drums and guitar are flawlessly performed with the same acrimony. If you want to feel like a badass walking down the street, play this song loud through your headphones. It exemplifies the ‘no f*cks given’ attitude.