Vin Ringrose - Chandelier

Having temporarily returned to the UK after living in Toronto, former frontman of Sheffield indie-outfit Bayonet, Vin Ringrose has released a new piece of incredibly tender solo work, Chandelier.

“Chandeliers is a song about companionship, and its ability to pull me out of the dark places. Its a really personal song, so thats why me and Adam Fair (producer & friend) decided to keep the song stripped back. We recorded it up at his studio in north Toronto along with a couple of other tracks, I think it only took us a few hours to get it down but its become one of my favourite songs I've recorded.’”

Featuring a delicate acoustic guitar intro, Vin’s soft and dreamy vocals take centre stage throughout the track. It’s a somber, fragile example of his ability to express extreme emotion using minimal tools. Although worlds away from his familiar work with Bayonet, Ringrose’s solo work is a testament to his musical abilities.