Wallice loses control on new single 'Off The Rails'

Credit: Jerry Maestas

Hurdling toward the release of her eagerly anticipated debut EP on 4th June, LA-native Wallice's upward trajectory continues to sore with the release of the EP's title track, 'Off The Rails'.

Channeling the sweet tones and jangle of Alvvays in her very own endearing way, the third single to be taken from the EP finds Wallice channeling her sharp wit into the hopelessness of feeling like you've lost control of your life – as she elaborates: “Off the Rails’ is about feeling like you don’t have any control over your life and that the world is against you – and that you’re the only one that feels that way. Sometimes there are periods in your life when it’s easy to think your life is falling apart, and there’s nothing you can do to stop it or fix it. I think sometimes it’s okay to sit in that self pity, but also at the same time you have the power to control it and take responsibility for your actions, at least to an extent. Sometimes there are just rough patches, and you have to do your best to get out of them, roll with the punches, and try not to be a shitty person."

In keeping with her incredibly clear vision and knack for visuals as pleasing as her lyricism, the track comes with a nostalgic, Sims themed video in which a faceless makes Wallice's choices for her.

'Off The Rails' is yet another stunning string to Wallice's ever vibrant, ever growing bow. As she continues to share a whole generation's issues in the most uplifting of ways, the LA newcomer is well on her way to becoming alt-pop's next big thing.