Wasuremono - Let's Talk

Wiltshire four piece, Wasuremono are back again with new single, Let’s Talk. With a likeable and infectious sound that is as unusual as their name, this band infuse many different influences, genres and instrumental elements into their own spin on vibey, lo-fi, indie-pop.

The lyrics begin as nonsensical gibberish, before slowly coming to fruition, this in itself adding to the tune’s appeal, as it directly reflects the thought process of writer William Southward. As a lone writer he explains how he can see the benefits to taking on a project as a solo mission, as well as working together with a band; “The lyric “Let’s Talk” partly came from this intense experience of writing alone, the solitude creating a longing for human contact or reassurance”.

This is a message that can be translated into many arenas, the catchy and slightly ridiculous lyricism of this tune, accompanied by jazzy and heavy beat fuelled backdrop to this only adding to its sincerity.

With two albums already under their belt, this latest single only proves they are only on the up, with an individual and wholly lovable sound, and an attitude to match.