Weird Milk discuss new EP, returning to live music & learning to trust themselves

Credit: Timothy Casten

Meet Weird Milk… the early 70’s inspired five-piece from London. Following a groove-fuelled set at 110 Above Festival, we caught the band for a chat.

The band comprised of Alex, Charlie, Joe, Alex and Emmett performed a stand-out show which truly captivated many. With a jam-packed audience and a run of innovative hits, it was the blue-print for a perfect show. As Alex confirms, “It was so good! It was really nice to have the venue filled and we even had people watching from outside which was nice.” Ideally for the band, their indoor slot coincided with a mighty rainstorm, aiding in new and old fans alike flocking to the stage.

“You can’t really beat playing an indoor stage during a rainstorm can you?” muses Charlie. This was more than a stroke of luck though, as Alex notes “the fact that people stayed, even after the rain had stopped meant that it must have gone well.”

Written during lockdown, latest single ‘Vienna’ went down a treat at 110 Above. Despite it having been an undoubtedly tough time fo the group, they revelled in the fact that it allowed their creativity to blossom. “We finished Vienna which was one of the first songs we finished during lockdown. Then we wrote all the new songs for the EP.” says Charlie.

In fact, Alex tells us, they ended up writing two different EP’s during the time. “The EP changed, we actually ended up writing two completely different EP’s. We wrote the first one, then we scrapped it and we wrote another one.

We finished the demos in the first few months of lockdown so when you’re stewing in all the songs, you just have a change of heart naturally because you evolve. The only two songs which were originally on it were ‘Vienna’ and ‘We Were Strangers’ and then all the rest were new.”

The band’s ability to remain optimistic even in the most disheartening of times is no doubt a part of their rising success. The disappointment of missing out on a lifelong goal, performing at SXSW in the US for some could come as a major blow; but for Weird Milk it was a chance to work on other areas. “Well, we were a week away from when we were meant to be flying out to America to play SXSW” tells Charlie. “We had just got our visas and spent weeks and weeks trying to get everything sorted. Even got a cowboy hat and boots!

We would’ve gone to America and then months of festivals so we wouldn’t have written anything. We would’ve been playing the old stuff which has already been released.”

There was also an incredibly large change in the band during the pandemic. One key member of Weird Milk left - as Zac had lost the passion that he once had for the band. “We lost one of the key members of the band. He had a change of heart and decided he didn’t want to be in the band anymore.” explains Alex. “We had to find our feet again - which we did, and we have. Here we are!’”

Joined by new bassist Emmett, who had played with the band previously - it’s clear to see that Weird Milk provide strength to each other even in the toughest of times. Ready to return to the road this Autumn with a host of material both old and new, there’s a sense of excitement bubbling amongst them.

For Alex, an upcoming date at Glasgow’s Poetry Club is something to look forward to, “They just take you under their wing and say ‘Let’s go, I’ll show you a good time!” and for Charlie, it’s the chance to play at home in London - “We’re also really excited to play Omeara. That will be our biggest show, and it’s in our hometown.”.

Long term though, Weird Milk are ready to play anywhere and everywhere. “We’ve got a good following in the US.” tells Charlie. “We had loads of messages when we were supposed to play about how far they’re travelling across the US to see us. Even people from New York were driving 10 hours to see us - that is my dream really, to play America.”

“I would love to play Ireland” adds Alex. “I think we all want to play it so badly. There are also so many bands that we love from Ireland, like Fontaines D.C. We just want to do everything we possibly can, anything you could think of!”

Loaded with a new set heavily inspired by late 60’s and early 70’s garage rock, Weird Milk’s return finds them more comfortable and confident than ever. “It’s not about being perfect. It’s about singing and enjoying yourself and immersing yourself in the music. They (60’s/70’s garage artists) always change something when they play, and we’ve kind of used that as an influence to chill out while we’re playing. We don’t want to be too critical or harsh on ourselves, we’ve got to trust ourselves to be alright.”

With their new EP well on the way, Weird Milk’s debut headline tour and new music looks set to see them soar.