Wil Owen expresses his despair on the tender 'Will It All Work Out?'

Credit: Celyn Morris

'Will It All Work Out?’ is a labor of love. A mellifluous debut from Welsh-born, Bristol-based singer/songwriter Wil Owen — written over a span of 4 years. The track is inevitably reflective of a tumultuous period societally, and the resulting feelings of despair.

Owen’s voice is gentle and brought into focus by his tender harmonies. For lyrics narrating an undeniable sense of existentialism, his storytelling works to depict finding calm among the chaos we’ve been presented with since the 2016 general election, and of course the recent global pandemic. Produced artfully by Tamu Massif (Fenne Lily), the track maintains a growing feel of intimacy as it progresses; perfectly complementing the growing desire for change that Owen seeks.