Wings of Desire - 001

Wings of Desire are unique, contemporary and their music is simply ground-breaking; 001 is their debut single showcasing their deeply artistic take on music.

The band themselves claim that they take inspiration from intense sociological readings, focusing on the concepts of identity and perception. Basically, their music has deep-rooted meaning. It is uncommon to see artists focus their music on such theoretical ideas.

Despite the ideas behind 001 seeming very complex, the ideas in the release are shown in a creative yet simple manner making them pretty clear and easy to understand. The lyrics are distinct and the nostalgic indie melody is catchy.

Wings of Desire have managed to succinctly mix good memorable hooks with ingenious lyricism. Even though 001 is the band’s debut, Wings of Desire are gathering momentum with quite a speed, everyone is wanting to catch a listen of their prolific and visionary music.