WizTheMC celebrates the optimism in oblivion on 'World Is Fucked'

WizTheMC is back with a new release that turns happy-go-lucky on its head. Boldly titled ‘World is Fucked’, the Toronto based MC celebrates the optimism in oblivion through his new offering, combining punk elements with his signature hip-hop sensibilities to capture a newfound carefree attitude in style. What emerges is a track that feels like a moment of relief in lockdown madness, erging you not to care, and make the most of the mayhem.

The track begins with a synth-filled bass, and a twangy guitar loop reminiscent of 2000s pop-punk. It’s an intro that signals rebellion, however, only when the artist vocals enter that the track that the fun begins. Wiz’s lyrics feel effortless, lifting the music with his bubbly vocal lines, harmonic layers and tongue-and-cheek humour. Continuing to bubble with joy, the electric guitar is then utilised to its full effect, beginning with an occasional riff, and working up to a show stopping solo as the track ends. Combined, these elements come together to form a single that jolts the listener with enthusiasm, simply from radiating so much of it. With the sun finally emerging, and the end of lockdown being in sight, WizTheMc has provided the sound to go along with new beginnings and push us forward, no matter how hopeless we may feel.