Y Not Festival Announce 2020 Digital Edition: 'Y Not At Home'

Thousands of campers and oodles of food trucks, performance stages, and fairy lights are what customarily graces the countryside of Derbyshire during the summer due to the widely popular Y Not Festival. The artists performing, ordinarily on extensive stages surrounded by the charming Peak District-rolling hills and an abundance of forestry. As a smaller independent festival, the event has won many awards and accolades which prove its value within the festival community.

However, due to the current circumstances, Y Not have announced their 15th anniversary to be an online streamed version of the festival. The festival will be held from the 24th July on Facebook and welcomes any music-lovers to attend from the comfort of their own homes.

With a full line-up of incredible artists ranging from The Amazons to Shed Seven, there is assuredly music for everyone to appreciate and revel in. Not only will Y Not be providing spectacular live musical performances, it further is including an affluence of fitness classes, skits, artist takeovers, book reads and not to mention even interactive Barry-Oke (karaoke with Barry from Eastenders) with Shaun Williamson.

With such a monumental range of intriguing and amusing activities, there is no reason not to rummage through your treasure trove of a wardrobe and throw on your neon athleisure wear while working out with Mr. Motivator. Or enhancing your inner Catherine Heathcliffe, while sipping your cup of chamomile tea, elegantly posing yourself in front of the live book reads. Y Not presents to you a wonderful weekend of fun for everyone.

The distinguished and magnificent festival is encouraging everyone to party safely from home. Whether that be by adorning your garden with fairy lights and bunting while enjoying some social dis-dancing with your friends or candidly cracking open a crisp beer while lounging on your snug sofa.

Upcoming indie-pop star Lauran Hibberd has amassed a myriad of monthly listeners on Spotify and highly acclaimed praise on the entirety of her released music, and will be performing for the virtual edition of the festival. She tells us her way of commemorating the occasion will be by “listening to a lot of the bands/artists and enjoying a warm red stripe to really get into the spirit!”

The music industry and live music have doubtlessly never been more important. The value of Y Not continuing their festival virtually is of such importance. Despite the obvious factors of not being able to sing-a-long sloppily while circled by a colossal crowd all singing the same lyrics, or the meeting of new people. Live music virtually can still offer that sense of unity. “I think it’s just a nice reminder that people still want live music, and right now will take it in whatever capacity it has to come.” States Lauran.

Indie legends JAWS, are also partaking in Y Not this year. Having been releasing albums since 2014, they are no strangers to the scene and are a match made in heaven for a performance for one of the biggest indie festivals in the north.

Not only is the preservation of festivals important for fans, but it is also deadly important for bands and artists alike. For anyone with a job within the music industry. JAWS frontman Connor Schofield’s thought on the matter is of very valid opinion. “I think for a festival like Y Not that supports so many up and coming bands its quite important to continue that, so many artists will have been stopped in their tracks in terms of releases and momentum so its cool to see Y Not do that in an online version of the festival.”

Connor shares his opinion on why the continuation of Y Not is so important this year. “Music is escapism, festivals are like a holy land and a lot of people will be missing that this summer. moving it to an online format is a great idea to try and keep that spirit alive and well through these uncertain times. if it can spread good energy and happiness then its worked.”

Lauran Hibberd is also able to revel in the parts that she is excited for in terms of the virtual festival, explaining that the comments that fans are able to make on the live streams are highly valued. “The comments are always funny as well, you don’t get to hear people's opinions unless they shout them out through a pint glass in a live world. Behind a screen, fans will share their thoughts and that is often quite exciting”.

So whether it is soaking up the summers sun and blasting the music, or dancing around in the British rain, Y Not will undoubtedly provide a much-needed pocket of happiness for those who partake in the virtual festival over the weekend.

Y Not At Home begins on Friday 24th July, watch for free on Facebook Live here.

The full edition of Y Not Festival as we know it will return next year, from 29th July to 2nd August 2021. Tickets and more information available here: ynotfestival.com.

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