Y.O.U.N.G - All My Mistakes

A buoyant melody combined with sincere lyrics encapsulates the sense of All My Mistakes, the newest release from Y.O.U.N.G.

The track exposes the heartfelt struggles of many who feel as if they are growing up in solitary. “I don’t wanna be a statistic I know, wake up in the morning and there ain’t no one-home”. The evident clash between such forthright lyrics and rosy guitar riffs creates the perfect buildup to the inspirational chorus which expresses the power of contending with your inner demons. ”I need to fight my demons in my head that say I’m wrong“.

All my mistakes is almost genre ambiguous in its own right, combining indie power chords with an alternative tone. Y.O.U.N.G pride themselves on being not solely restrained to one genre, stating “We respect each other massively, so our music is a mash-up of our individual and diverse influences.”